Angela LaRosa

For most of my life I have been working with children with different abilities.  26+ years as an Occupational Therapist.  I’ll never forget my first summer working at Helen Keller Day Camp for the Blind.  I was all but 15 or 16 years old.  What could I possibly know about helping kids my age that were blind??? Absolutely nothing!  I was a little nervous as I had zero training and basically was jumping right in.  Immediately the “campers” showed me the ropes.  THEY took ME into the locker room to change for the pool, THEY took ME into the gym to play games.  Hey wait a second! Who’s helping who??? LOL  I quickly learned that eye sight didn’t matter to these kids.  They were who they were and they were happy being them!  I went on to attend Adelphi University and attained my first BS in Biology.  Ok but now what?  I didn’t want to goto medical school, I didn’t want to teach, so now what?  I learned about Occupational Therapy and attained my Master’s degree in a field where I have been blessed to work with children and their families and their educators and administrators every single day.  I treat children with various diagnosis (Autism, ADD, CP, developmental delay, etc) I am grateful every single day to do what I do.  To me there is no greater gift than to help a child be their personal best.  It has been my honor to assist parents on their journey into a better understanding of who their child is and how to help them.

While on this journey, I had my own spiritual journey as well.  I became a Eucharistic Minister and assisted in giving out Eucharist and in Baptisms.  I was also keenly aware that I “sensed” things, “heard” things and “felt” things.  For example, one day I was home, completely home alone, and I heard footsteps in the upstairs hallway!  A clear thump, thump thump!  I’ll never ever forget it!  I hid in the closet (what would you do? LOL) and called my brother who lived a few blocks away.  He yelled “call the cops!”  I wouldn’t.  I was frozen.  Next thing I knew, the cops came and there was no sign of entry.  Nothing stolen.  OMG It was “HER”.  To this day we don’t say her name.    I told my mom what I heard, and she didn’t blink an eye.  I said “mom it was a spirit!  “My mom completely believed me and said “We’ll go see Monsignor.  He’ll come bless the house.”  It amazed me how my mom was fully supportive of what happened.  She then told me of an Aunt “Tia” who had gifts.  People from all over came to her for healing.  She said “Angie Tia prayed over you.  You have gifts.”  I have a red mark in between my eyes which is where my 3rd eye is (I cover it with make up most of the time.  Could you imagine walking around with a big red stripe on your forehead?  My mom laughed “when you were born you had 1 blue eye, 1 brown eye and a big red stripe on your forehead.  Thank God your eyes changed!”  Gee thanks mom lol.

My gifts stayed at bay until shortly after 911.  We lost my cousin, Captain Vincent Giammona.  Our family was never the same.  I remember so vividly the visions I got of him.  Feeling the souls all around him.  I put together a small group reading where Kim Russo did an AMAZING reading.  She turned to me and said” you need to see Pat Longo here’s her number”.  I entered Pat’s class.  Then hosted in her living room!  I started automatic writing.  Spirit would wake me up playing a song.  It could be any song.  They would keep playing it over and over until I got up and scribed.  In sing song rhyming fashion the message would come.  Each one signed by an ascended Master, Mary, God or an Arch Angel.  I had no control over what was written.  My oldest brother, very bright, very cerebral and not so into the spirit world looked at me and said “Angie, you’re really smart, but you could never rhyme that quickly”.  He knew it was spirit.  I then began to see videos.  Spirit would take me to a location, and it was as if I were watching a movie.  I could “see” the moment spirit wanted me to talk about.  It could be a family event, someone’s death bed, a home, etc.  When I became pregnant with my daughter, my gifts grew as my pregnancy progressed.  Pat said “you should be doing readings…”  I said “No.  I can’t be the town Occupational Therapist and Psychic!  Pat, when my kids are out of school, that will be my time” Spirit heard me and definitely held me to my promise.  Remember 20 years ago, psychics weren’t what we are today.  I am grateful to those brave enough to pave the way.  I still gave readings.  I still practiced healing.  Then Covid hit and my daughter decided she wanted to take a Reiki class with me! There I was back on track where I should be taking classes and expanding my gifts.  I was fortunate to continue to attend Pat’s classes and expand my gifts and was invited to take a lightworkers course with Kim Russo   It is my goal and my honor to be the vessel to receive from God and all that is good for the highest and greatest good, to guide those on their emotional and physical healing journey.  To bring peace to each individual and spread beautiful light and love through my gifts and for this I am eternally grateful. Amen.