What Does a Session Look Like?

What does a session look like?

So let me tell you what a typical session with me looks like. You come to my treatment space in person or via zoom. We sit and talk for a few minutes while I intuitively scan your body for “blockages” or where the energy is stuck. I facilitate a healing release of the energy and we talk about why the energy landed there. It is so important to identify the energy so you can properly release it and choose for the energy not to return. So this happened the other day! I was working with a woman over a zoom call. I was immediately drawn to her heart. I asked her if I could give her a healing. She said yes. Intuitively I was told that the pain was connected to her daughter. I told my client that My guides are telling me that the pain was connected to her daughter. She said yes and by the look on her face, she was shocked that I knew that LOL. Intuitively, I was told that she is worried about her daughter’s marriage. As a psychic/medium my guides showed me the daughter’s relationship, her husband and their home. It was true that her husband was a bit abrupt in his delivery but her daughter was safe and clearly happy. I was able to give my client specifics about the relationship that only she knew which validated the session. My client was able to release her anxiety and take a deep breath. We then filled the empty space with beautiful pink light of love, replacing the stress and anxiety (because when you release you must fill in the empty space).